Hello, I’m Rose and welcome to my blog. Here is where I share my creativity with the things I make and where I  get to vent and or share my successes and failures in the kitchen. I’ve been trying new recipes and meals in the kitchen and it’s been interesting to say the least. I am a mother to two amazing kids and a wife to a wonderful husband that treats me like a princess. I homeschool my daughter and my son goes to a charter school. Homeschooling has been quite the adventure especially since my daughter has a learning disablilty and Aspergers. It definitely keeps life interesting. I am not in the best of health so I apologize in advance if there are days I gripe about doctors or some other nonsense. I am also bipolar and schizophrenic so I might gripe about insanity as well. I hope you enjoy my little blog and I will try to keep it up and share some new creations with you. ­čśü Enjoy life’s sweet moments! –Rose