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Playing with My Art Journal


Hello out there in blog-land. How was your weekend? Mine was full of playing in my art journal with my water color pencils, and new Canson multi-media paper and water brushes. I made the cute little picture of the bear trying to get the honey. I was thinking I might put it on a card but the paper warped a lot so I have to try to flatten it first.img_3466

I also did a little sketching. I have not sketched anything in over 20 years and it isn’t very good but I had fun playing around. I sketched what I saw looking out my window while sitting at my desk. I exaggerated the big tree as the one I was looking at is just a sapling. This is what I came up with.


It’s basic and elementary but like I said I had fun playing with my water color pencils and trying to figure out how they work.  I also played around with this one…img_3463

In this one I wanted to try to practice making a scene and playing with shadows which I am not very good at, as you can see since the shadows are all over the place. It came out kind of terrible but  I had fun stamping everywhere and coloring. It’s fun to play! Sometimes you just gotta mess around and have fun!img_3464

I even made the first card I have made in months! Yay me! Sorry, but I was so proud of myself for coming up with a card and actually putting it together. I have been so discouraged about card making lately I have not made any other than the Father’s Day wallet card. So I was happy that I finally followed through and sucked it up and made a card.

Anyway, that is enough rambling for now. That’s all I have come up with so far but I am looking forward to seeing what I come up with next.

Have a great week and enjoy life’s sweet moments!


8 thoughts on “Playing with My Art Journal

  1. That’s cool that you’ve done so many things, and great to hear you’re still adding to your art journal… I’ve never been brave enough to start one. I love your little bear with the honey, and the bike card is really pretty too. Keep going!

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