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Friend Mail Friday

img_3301This week I didn’t get a lot of mail but what I received had a lot in them. I loved everything I received. I received 2 swaps with cool stamps on them and one giant Sponge Bob post card from my friend Victoria reminding me to eat lots of popsicles  and ice cream to stay cool.img_3302

I also received lots of ephemera and an adorable little notebook for my thoughts.

There were also several post cards included in the swap envelope and some lovely vintage greeting cards and some more recent note cards.

I sent out lots of friend mail and swaps this week but forgot to take a picture of it all. Well, it may have been a semi conscious decision not to take pics as the envelopes were rather plain and uninspiring. I absolutely LOVE every item I am sent, whether it is from a swap or a friend. I have been feeling rather blah and uninspired to create or make anything creative lately but happy mail always puts a smile on my face. This week has been crazy and chaotic and next will be the same but I think I am up to the challenge. Hopefully when it is all over I will be over the blahs and be ready make something. I have been wanting to try to make some envelopes but I do not have a fancy punch board for it and so I will have to look to you-tube to see if there are any tutorials on how to make some the old school way, you know, before the punch board.

I hope you are all having a great summer so far and are staying cool. Enjoy life’s sweet moments and have fun.


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