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Friend mail Friday and art journal 

This is some of wonderful mail I received this week from my wonderful pen pal Victoria. She always has a theme for her letters and this time it was one of my favorite holidays,  Halloween. In the mail this week I received wonderful letters from Julia from Julia’s Creative Year and another from my pen pal Ana. It always feels so great to get a letter in the mail. They always happen to show up when I am having a rough day. I also received these wonderful postcards, thank you very much Julia and Konstantin. I love both of them and they have a special place on my desk for me to look at everyday.The one from Julia I love because it has encouraging words to remind me to be myself and the one from Konstantin of the Babaduk reminds me of how I feel everyday and seeing it makes me want to face the monster.

I was encouraged to encourage myself so I played in my art journal for the first time in weeks. I was trying to be self encouging, especially in my role as a homemaker where I have serious insecurities and feel I fall terribly short. I have not worked in some time but still have not gotten the feel for homemaking. I have worked all my life so it still feels alien to me not to work. I tried to find encouraging words and although I do not call myself a domestic goddess, I was trying to tell myself what I do is good enough and it is okay not to be perfect and have a Martha Stewart home or to be a Martha Stewart. So I did a little art therapy and this is what turned out….I love how it turned out. I especially like the “mirror” that says “your happiness is my happiness” which reminds me to be happy with myself. I also love the woman because she seems tired to me and it’s ok. I’m working on not trying to be perfect and to accept myself as I am, tired and all. 

Oh! And I went crazy buying postcards to send out. See…

I can’t wait to send them!

Anyway, that was my week. Any of you do anything exciting? Get any cool friend mail? Have a great weekend and remember to enjoy the little things!


2 thoughts on “Friend mail Friday and art journal 

  1. I got some lovely mail from you this week too! I love receiving letters and then pottering round for a while doing my ‘I just got home from work jobs’ like feeding the guinea pigs, emptying the dishwasher, getting dinner on etc, and anticipating the moment of calm and quiet when I can open the letter later and enjoy reading it. So glad you liked the postcard. And so glad we get to be Pen pals xx

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