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A Little Getaway

williams2 williams1


Yes, these are pics I got from the Yahoo Images of Williams, AZ where we went to escape the heat. My iphone pics just didn’t come out right and I was too distracted by the shops to take good photos. We have been to Williams several times but I still love all the shops and walking down a little piece of Route 66. It was 108 degrees where I live so it was nice to head up North when the high there was only 68 degrees. It definitely felt good. It was COLD when we arrived in the morning though. Well, for this desert dweller anyway. It was only 50 degrees when we arrived and super windy!

I had fun on our little outing and bought some cool signs for my craft room and front door.

I am not sure I am going to put the no soliciting sign on my front door but I love it. We live in a new development so we constantly have solicitors at our door. I used to find these signs a bit rude, but now I see their appeal. I don’t know. If anything it will be another piece to go with the rest in my craft room. I love the Nut House sign especially since it has a squirrel. I absolutely LOVE squirrels! Every time we go to Williams I get a new one. Well, almost every time. My son even got me one.IMG_3109

It’s something I say a lot in joking so he picked one for me to put on my desk. I love it. He even got one for his dad for Father’s Day but which says a line he always says when people do dumb things. IMG_3135

I guess some of my signs can be seen as mean and I am sorry if anyone was offended. I do like them though. As for the solicitors signs, chances are it will just go on my wall. After all, I understand that they are just doing their job. But when you have at least 4 different solicitors coming to your door every single day, including Sunday, it gets a little old. Especially when you get 3 different solar companies on the same day. I just love the sign because it expresses how I feel, I will always accept Girl Scout cookies since my daughter sells them too!

Okay, well that was my little excursion. I wish we could take another trip up North this coming Monday and Tuesday. It’s supposed to be 119 on Monday and 120 on Tuesday. YIKES!IMG_3134

Have fun and enjoy the little things!


2 thoughts on “A Little Getaway

  1. Love your signs, the squirrel and the Do Not Disturb sign are superb. In fact the Do Not one could be made just for me lol. I may have to see if I can make something for my room with that phrase on it.
    Helen x


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