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On a Busy Bee Crafting Spree


Phew! This weekend has been such a busy one! I have been a busy bee on a crafting spree and it feels awesome! I haven’t been making anything lately because the stuff I have been making, like cards, have been piling up with no place to go. But, with Father’s day coming up I wanted to make a different kind of card. I took to Pinterest and YouTube for some inspiration and came across this “wallet” card. I thought it was perfect! It is based off of MayMay Made It Craft’s design. Here is the link to her video if you want to make one too! MayMay Made it Crafts.  I’d give you the measurements but I kinda just went along with her basic idea then went from there. I don’t have distress inks but I had some copper dew drop inks and just used that around the edges and I think the effect is pretty similar. The point was just to make it look a little aged. I think i might sand the edges to make it look more worn. I’ve never done it before but I am curious to see what the effect is. I love the pockets for a gift card and photo. I just put two gift cards in it for the photo. When I present it it will have a family photo and a Lowe’s gift card or something. We are not sure yet. He doesn’t like coffee so Starbucks and the Coffee Bean are out. These are actually my gift cards. I LOVE coffee!

I have also been busy with a request from my dear friend April who has requested a Trolls hat similar to this one…IMG_3097

Cute, huh? My crocheting skills aren’t the greatest so I am going to cheat and make it my own. But the idea will be the same. This one is from the Little Ducky Boutique on Etsy but she no longer has them available and there are no patterns for it. So I am going to see what I come up with.

My friend also requested a weighted blanket so I have been busy working on that too. It feels so good to be busy and feel useful. I love making stuff for people and that will be used. I haven’t sewn in ages but it feels good to be back at it. It has been so long I nearly had to pull out my owner’s manual to thread the machine. True story! But I figured it out. Good thing too, because I have no idea where I put the manual when we moved here nearly a year ago. Anyway, this is what I have so far, I just started last night.

I hope it comes out well. I haven’t made one before. I made a heavy blanket for my daughter but not a weighted one. I’m up for the challenge though. Wish me luck! Oh it feels so good to be back making stuff! I LOVE it!

Have a good day and enjoy the little things!


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