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The Magic of Friend Mail and an Art Journal


Yesterday I received this awesome postcard from a pen pal in Germany. I don’t know what it is but there is something about geometric art that makes me smile. Maybe because it is so different. This particular picture reminds me of how I see people sometimes, especially when not medicated. They are sometimes fuzzy and distorted.

Anyway, I LOVE this postcard. My depression hits me in waves and I was starting to feel low but the mail came with this postcard and all the sudden the world wasn’t so blue. It put a smile on my face anyway. That’s the thing I love about pen pals and snail mail. It always seems to arrive when I need to remember to smile or when the world seems dark and gray. It’s like getting a ray of sunshine in the mail box. Sometimes my depression seems like there is a switch that gets flicked and all the sudden in mess than a second I am depressed or crying or angry for some unknown reason. I don’t know, it drives me nuts!

I only got friend mail twice this week and that is okay because they came when I needed them. My second friend mail was a package from my friend in Brasil who sent me a wonderful care package full of candy and fun stuff from her country.

She even sent a cute kitty in a basket. I know my daughter will be sure to try to claim it for herself though. When I get low I try to force myself out of it and that is hard as hell. But I still try. I have been playing a lot in my art journal and it has been helping. Journaling in general has been helpful. At least it helps to shh the voices in my mind a bit. I even put my first piece of mixed media work in my art journal. I never did really painted or did anything mixed media, I barely know what it is, but I was having a rough day and the beach was calling my name. Living in the desert, well, the only beach I could find was in my mind. So I put it on paper.IMG_3033I had no idea what i was doing but I had fun. It made me feel better anyway. It quieted my thoughts and calmed me down. Sometimes journaling gets me more upset while I write but I have noticed, so far anyway, that with an art journal it can be ugly or messy and it can be angry or whatever and it’s okay. I noticed I thought less when I played with my art stuff than when I write in my regular journal. I just let whatever happen happen and didn’t have to think about neatness or spelling.

Anyway, that was my week. Full of ups and downs. I did manage to send out lots of snail mail too. Hopefully, the mail I sent puts a smile on their face. Do any of you have a hobby or something that you do to make you feel better when feeling blah and blue?ย img_3015.jpg


8 thoughts on “The Magic of Friend Mail and an Art Journal

  1. What a lovely gift from your friend and I could stare at that postcard all day – its fascinating.

    I make some thing or draw something when having a bad day usually whilst watching YouTube – there is nothing quite like watching someone else live their life!


    1. I have recently found myself addicted to YouTube and have to force myself off of it. I also try to do something creative or constructive when having a bad day. You know, get those frustrations out in a good way. I haven’t drawn in years but hope to start again soon. Thanks for your comment ๐Ÿ˜

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