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Sanity and an Art Journal


I took the advice of an artist friend and started an art journal. WOW! Is it ever fun and liberating! I highly recommend one. I haven’t drawn in over 20 years and still haven’t but I will get there. The last thing I ever drew was the heart on my home page. That was just my emotions at the time. It isn’t very good but it is my favorite picture that I have ever drew. (Is that even proper English? If not, sorry. ) Anyway, I have been in and out of funks lately and stressed out over things and life in general. I was telling my friend how I don’t draw anymore but I journal a lot and she suggested an art journal.

After some thought and giving myself a million reasons not to, I went against all of them and decided to start one. I don’t have a lot of money and have no idea what goes in an art journal so I just decided to go to the local Dollar Tree and see if I could find something with blank pages. Low and behold I found a random journal with blank pages. Half were craft paper and the other half just plain white paper. I didn’t like the cover so I used some scraps I had and changed the cover to this…IMG_3017

I’ll probably change it again later but I like it for now. So far all that I have been doing in my art journal is stamping and trying out different inks. the first page is a tribute to my crazy family which is so crazy they make me feel like I am the sane one at times. Then I filled a couple of pages with things I love and that inspire me, followed by words to hang in there and try to help me be more positive about myself.

On the “positivity” page I just die cut out a bunch of pretty things and colored them with different inks. I had loads of fun with chalk inks, which I have had for years but never used. Boy, have I been missing out! I don’t have a lot of colors but I had fun with the ones I had. I used the different kinds of Dew Drop inks I have. I only have pigment and chalk inks, I don’t know if they make others, but the big thing is I had fun!

I am loving how there are no rules to an art journal. I can do what I want and play with stuff and don’t have to worry about it making sense or being pretty. If you can tell by “Positivity” pages I have this urge to make sure that everything makes sense. In my next page I just try to let go and see what happened.IMG_3022

This is the result and I love it. To me it reminds me to find the pretty things and simple things through the chaos and tangled webs of my mind. I am loving how my butterfly looks for some reason. It’s like it breaking free from the webs that are behind it. That’s how I see it today anyway. I don’t know what else is going to happen in my art journal but I am pretty sure it’s going to involve fun! I love how it’s different from my card making or other crafts because it doesn’t have to make sense and there are no rules. I am trying to learn to relax and wooh-sah so I hope this is someplace I can let my hair down and be free. Do any of you have an art journal? Do you have rules for it? Are there supposed to be rules for one? I honestly have no idea. I am just using mine as a place to tryout different medias and see what happens with them. Wish me luck! Until next time, enjoy life’s sweet moments and have fun!


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