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Friend mail Friday

IMG_0476Okay, so I don’t know if someone else thought of “friend mail Friday” but I think that is what I am going to do on Fridays from now on. I’m going to share my friend mail. Why? Why not? I love my friend mail and it always seems to come when I need a distraction or some cheering up.

This week I received mail from my friends in Washington State and Canada and a pc friend from Illinois. It’s so much fun “meeting” people from other parts of the world, even my own country since I don’t get out or travel much. My Washington friend sent stuff themed for my favorite holiday…Halloween! It was fun to open an envelope with lots of Halloween stuff in May. Halloween is tied with Christmas for favorite holidays. They are just so much fun!

My Canadian friend sent me a packet of my favorite Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee. Oh how I love it! She is a fantastic artist and even sent a water color of cute little mushrooms. I don’t know why I think mushrooms are cute… maybe because they remind me of the Smurfs. IMG_0477

You should check her out on instagram @JenniferShepit. I love her art and how it is simple and different. I love seeing how people can see the same thing in different ways from different perspectives. Okay, so that’s it for this post. Just wangted to share my friend mail for this week. There wasn’t much this week but  treasure it just the same. Take care and enjoy life’s sweet moments!


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