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Crafting Again…and it feels GOOD!


Hello out there! I think I am out of my slump and it feels GOOD! So what I’ve been making aren’t original but at least I am back in my craft room working again. My creations may not be original concepts but that’s okay. It’s a start. I still feel like there is a bit of a creative block but I honestly think that is from the psych meds and that’s okay. The world needs me on my meds. Okay,maybe not the world, but trust me, I’m a nightmare when I am not on my meds. Anyway, some creative blocking is an acceptable price to pay versus the alternative I suppose.

So, as you can see from the pic above, one of the things I’ve been making is paper purses which I intend to fill with handmade cards and a little covered notebook pad with a mini pen and sell on my Etsy store.  The one above was my very first one so it isn’t perfect, but then again, none of them are. They are handmade and they are flawed like me. I am not a machine or Hallmark so there are going to be imperfections and I am okay with that. I think imperfections make us who we are and I wear mine proudly. Is that wrong? I hope not, if so, oh well. IMG_0474

Anyway, I am happy to be crafting again because it is my therapy and my happy place. Whether it’s cardmaking, sewing or trying something  new like these purses, it helps me deal with life. Sounds kinda funny huh? But sometimes I need to lock myself away and just focus on a project to stop the thoughts from racing or the anxiety from overwhelming me. Yes, sometimes I have an anxiety attack even while crafting. Those pesky buggers just pop up out of nowhere. Sometimes I can tell when I am going to have an attack and others they hit like a freight train outta nowhere. But it’s okay, today I am thinking positive and happy thoughts and taking it one second at a time and am happy to be in my happy place for now. Oh, here is a pic of the cute little covered note pads I made, I just need to buy the pens to match. What do you think? I think they are cute! But then, I have a stationary obsession.

The point of this post is, I am having fun for the moment and I have learned to appreciate those moments and not take them for granted and I am happy to be out of my creative fizzle. If anyone out there is reading this and is in a fizzle or a funk, hold on. It will pass and stay strong. Don’t let it beat you. I know it is frustrating as all hell and annoying but you can get through it. Inspiration can come from anywhere and so can a smile. Keep your head up!


7 thoughts on “Crafting Again…and it feels GOOD!

  1. Yippee! That’s great to hear. So glad you’re having fun with it. The bags and notebooks are cute too. I like what you say about our imperfections making us who we are. I guess it’s about each of us being unique. Sometimes it’s hard to hold onto that when I feel like all I can see are my imperfections, but i think I’m getting better. Happy creating.


    1. I have the same problem. I have a tendency to see and then zero in and focus only on my flaws but I’m starting to embrace them and see them and part of who I am and not put so much pressure on myself to be “perfect” or like everyone else. I try to look at how those flaws make me different or unique and put a positive spin on them, which is hard to do at times but I’m working on it. I’m glad you’re getting better at not focusing on your imperfections. I look at them like the same way I do my gray hair, I embrace them and see them as who I am. Like you said, our flaws make us who we are. Have a good day and have fun being you 😁


  2. The paper purses are great – I love the one with the pink flower – and the coveted paper pads are cute. Anxiety is a real pain – one minute I can be fine and the next wondering what on earth I’m going to do. I currently have a poorly son (sore ears and very snotty) and this is enough to send my head spinning 😞 Think I need to find some crafting time!

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