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Make Your Own Planner


These are my planners. Yes, I have three of them. As much as I love the Erin Condrens and the Happy Planners they are just too expensive for me. So, I went to the Target Dollar Spot and made my own, well until they raised the price from $3 to $5. The two pink ones are from Target and the floral one is from Wal-Mart which I bought for $3.88. Hey, it beat $5. The pages on the inside come in a pack that you can find at the Target dollar spot for $3, if you can find one that is. It comes with weekly pages, monthly pages, 5 dividers and pages for notes. Not a bad deal for $3. These are what some of the pages look like.image

Of course, there are printable planner pages out there but I had two problems with that: #1 I couldn’t figure out how to print double sided for this size. I am not tech savvy and I have a very cheap printer and couldn’t figure out how to get both sides of the printed page to line up. #2 I thought about the extra ink and decided $3 was more economical considering all that I got for the price.  I homeschool both of my children so I use a lot of ink for their assignments and other pages I add in my planners.

So why three planners? One is for home and everyday planning, one is for my crafty business/social media adventure I am trying to get going and the other is for my pen pals. I tried having everything in one planner but it was just so full of stuff and so many sections. For example, with my pen pals I have a separate section for each site I joined, like swap bot, postcrossing and geek girls pen pals so I can keep track of what and where I send things, especially with swap-bot which I am the most active on.


Okay, so back to the point of this post. I was trying to say that you don’t need a fancy planner to have fun planning and decorating your planner. The planner clips I made myself, the planner pages were $3 complete with 5 dividers and 3 pocket dividers, but I am sure you can even make these things yourself with old folders and a printer. I was wishing and wanting and drooling over the fancy Happy Planners and thought that I would only be happy if I had one. But reality hit me and even with coupons, it’s just not in my budget, especially with all the add-ons. I decorate my pages with washi tape from Tuesday Morning or the Dollar Tree and buy cute etsy stickers if I find a coupon like free shipping or good deal but I mostly look online for free planner printables and just cut them out and glue them on. I don’t have a silhouette cutting machine so I can’t have them print and cut for me. But if you do you can always just print it on sticker paper and have it all cut out for you. I’ll get one one day. For now I just print it out on regular printer paper and cut the images out myself and glue it on my planner pages since sticker paper is out of my budget too. My planners cost me a total of $6 each which I don’t think is a bad deal. I got 3 for the price of one Happy Planner with a 50% off coupon. Like I said you can always make a planner on your own for just the cost of the binder. I guess my point is…there are ways to have a planner and stick to a budget and still have fun with your planner. Just have fun and think outside the box. Happy planning!



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