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Fake It ‘Til You Make It


Okay, some of you know that I have been in a bit of a creative slump. That is until I received some happy mail which inspired me to make some bookmarks. But then that was it. Well, until I remembered a comment by  Juliascreativeyear where she thought perhaps I could try making something similar to what someone else made just so that I can make something at least. So I took that idea and went with it after I decided I was not going to let this slump get the best of me. I spent hours on youtube and Pinterest looking for inspiration and saw lots of great ideas but I don’t have the supplies needed or the budget to go on a shopping spree. Then I noticed a package of Doodle Bug odds and ends die cuts on my desk. So I opened that sucker up and went to work.

I had no idea what I was doing, I was just slapping die cuts on cards, faking it ’til I made it. Before I knew it I was having fun and I even liked the way some of them turned out. What do you think?

I just want to say Thank You to JuliasCreativeYear for the encouragement to get in there and at least attempt to make something, and to my dear friend Shawna for reminding me to “Fake it til I make it”. Even though I didn’t have more inspiration to do anything other than make the bookmarks at first, I faked it ’til I made it and even got inspired to make a card for my penpal in Canada.IMG_2912 I tried something new with this card and just went with it and had fun and like how it turned out. It’s simple but that’s what I like about it. Anyway, for those of you in a slump, I encourage you to fake it til you make it! You never know where it will take you or what will come of it.


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