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Pen Pal Love and Inspiration


Last week was a rough week for me but thanks to some love from my pen pals I think I am coming out of my slump. It is such a great feeling to open your mail box and get mail that isn’t a bill. It doesn’t have to be a package or anything fancy, a simple post card does the trick to put a smile on my face. Even my kids love to go check the mail to see what if I got a new cool postcard or package.

Last week, as some of you may have read, I was in a bit of a creative slump which lead to a small depression. Then, da-ta-dah….the mail person came! From Wednesday through Saturday I received a smile in the mail box in the form of post cards and two special packages from swaps. One was a wonderful Halloween swap (one of my favorite holidays, tied with Christmas) and the other was a candy swap. Boy were my kids happy with those!

Thank you so much to my wonderful swap partners for the fabulous treats! One of which I am doing another swap with and is now a wonderful pen pal which I am loving! I joined some pen pal sights like geek girls pen pals, post crossing and swap-bot but have not have been having much luck with the assigned pen pals. But that’s okay. I am loving the connections that I am making none the less and just having fun.

If you see the pic from the Halloween swap, my partner sent me some very cool holographic stickers (they are black and gold and old looking). Those stickers were so cool I knew I had to do something with them and not put them out of sight. So, since I am obsessed with planners, I made planner clips out of them!IMG_2875

Aren’t they cool? I love them! They made me extra happy because they actually got me to make something, even if it was something as simple as a bookmark. Do you guys have pen pals? Ever get anything that inspired you to create with it?


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