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Creative Slump or Medication?

It’s a while since I have made anything or had any kind of creative inspiration. This makes me wonder if it’s something normal or if it’s because of my medication. I understand that writer’s block happens and there are times when the creative juices just don’t flow. But sometimes I feel like if I wasn’t on my psych meds I would be creating so much more and have so many more ideas. I know it’s a good thing that I am on my psych meds, especially since I get on my own nerves when I am manic, but it S does make me wonder. I try to think what I was like when I wasn’t on my meds and I look at the art I created them and how it reflects my mood. (The picture of the heart on my home page was from one of my depressive episodes.) I am by far no Picasso but it is one of my favorite drawings. I haven’t drawn in over 20 years, in fact that is the last thing I ever drew, but I have other creative outlets like sewing and card making and other hobbies. The last things I made were these bookmarks.

Although they were fun to make, I haven’t even had the umph or desire to make more. Am I going into a depression? I am full of so many psych meds I’d certainly hope not. Is there anyone else out there who takes psych meds and feels that they sometimes inhibit their creativity? That they don’t have the same creative drive they once had before all the meds? Some days I want to go off my meds, but then I remind myself about there manias, and the voices , the hallucinations, the psychotic tendencies and all the bad things that come with it and tell myself it’s not worth it. But still, there is that voice inside that tells me to get off of them and it will be ok. I know from past experiences that it won’t be okay. Does anyone else struggle with this internal debate and this circle? If this is a creative slump, do they last long? Creating things is my therapy. When pi am overwhelmed or my anxieties and fears overwhelm me or my thoughts are racing I can usually go into my craft room and make at least one thing. Lately I walk in there and my mind is blank and I am stuck with frustration. any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for stopping by. 😁


9 thoughts on “Creative Slump or Medication?

  1. I don’t know about the meds,, but anyone with a creative leaning has a slump from time to time. Maybe days, or weeks, or longer. It is frustrating but sometimes you just have to wait it out, or keep dabbling and see what happens, without giving yourself a hard time about it.

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    1. Thanks! Sometimes I just worry if things like this are normal. It’s hard for me to tell sometimes. Thanks for the reassurance. It’s good to know others experience slumps or fizzles too. Thanks 🙏😁

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      1. Ha! I like the expression ‘fizzles’. I think I have that a lot. Slumps are horrid, whether we are basic crafters or good artists. But definitely normal.

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  2. Would it help to make something that someone else has already designed? Get back into making something and enjoying the process of that, without putting the initial pressure on yourself to come up with something original?

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    1. Hmm… I don’t know. It’s not just that I have no ideas it’s I have no desire to create anything either. I get to my craft room and I’m just blah. No motivation at all. I’ve tried watching YouTube to get some ideas or motivation but still blah! I don’t know. Maybe just keep looking for some inspiration from others and see if the lightbulb goes on? I go to my desk thinking I’m motivated to work then it fizzles. Is that what a slump is like? I can definitely try that though. My friend told me to try to “fake it till I make it” which is kind of like your idea, I think. You ladies may be on to something. At least it will get me to work. Thank you. I think I will try that. 😁🙏

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