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A Big Flop and a Success!

Over the weekend I participated in my first craft fair. Well… it was not really a craft fair as I expected, it was more of a yard sale. It was a huge flop and a learning experience. I don’t think I will participate again next year but at least the money that I paid for my spot went to help local veterans which is close to my heart.

IMG_2804I learned from this experience so it was not a complete loss even though I did not sell anything. Not a single thing. At first I was discouraged and upset but then the more I thought about it I told myself to suck it up and at least I learned from the experience and was brave to stick to it and show up. I suffer from  social anxiety and PTSD so it took a lot for me to show up. If any of you have read the “about” part of this blog you know I battle with mental illness with many labels. Anyway, I don’t always do well in public or in crowds. I have to admit though that my social anxiety is doing better with medication. I spent three years locked in my house suffering from agoraphobia. At least I can go outside now. Yay for small victories. Anyway, back to the craft fair…

It was my first as I said and I wasn’t sure how to set up and display my items and it was windy so everything had to lie flat. I did not just have the the cards and paper products. As my little creative endeavor is called, My Whimsical Fancy, it is called such because I create whatever I feel like not tied down to one specific thing. I also had my husband’s wood working there there too. Was that a no, no? I know a lot of people say to stick to one craft and that’s it. I have a hard time  doing that. Some days I want to sew, others i want to make cards or tutus. I don’t really make hair bows anymore though.

Anyway, there was a lady next to me who made beautiful jewelry and she didn’t sell anything either. In fact, none of us crafters sold anything. The only people who had any success were those that were participating in the yard sale aspect of it. It turned out to be a yard sale and craft fair with the emphasis on yard sale. My “neighbor” had a beautiful and professional set up as she does craft fairs regularly and she didn’t have any success either. There also wasn’t very much traffic at the event so I’m sure that had something to do with it as well as the street advertising. It was labeled strictly as a yard sale. But, at least can now say I participated in my first sale and swallowed my fear and anxiety and went out in public and survived. I walked away knowing that “Yes, I can get do it! I can get outside in public and interact with people.” I think I will try to do another one in the future but will make sure it is more of a craft event than a yard sale. Have any of you participated in an event that was a complete flop? Did you learn something from it?


6 thoughts on “A Big Flop and a Success!

  1. Hiya well done for getting out there and doing it! Don’t feel to disheartened. People who go to yard sales are not always the kind of customers who may go to craft fairs , so it was an odd combination. People there are looking for cheap cheap stuff , not homemade lovely items that you had on your stall. I used to do craft fairs quite a bit. I made teacup candles but I did try to diversify too as not everyone is interested in teacups! So its a good idea to make different bits and bobs for your stall. There are always times when you won’t make much or any money, so don’t take it personally. That happened to me too! Good luck with the next one. 🙂 x

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    1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. They are very much appreciated! I have to admit I was very surprised I made it out there. I constantly talk myself out of everyday things like going to the store and church. I felt like accomplished a huge victory. I will try to remember that it is a hit and miss type thing with craft fairs. Thank you. As for tea cup candles they sound beautiful! I like tea cups although honestly I don’t have any. Not sure why really. I think they are beautiful though. Thank you again for your words of encouragement. 😁🌹


  2. Sounds like you achieved a lot, at least personally, and as a learning experience. I only ever did one ‘sale’ and it wasn’t great either!

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    1. Thank you. I am grateful that I at least learned from it and made it out the door. I am also learning that the “sales” are hit and miss and kind of a gamble. Sorry your experience wasn’t great either.

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