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Hero Arts April kit…a little late


IMG_2766Hello, I received my Hero Arts monthly card kit at the beginning of this month and have just now gotten around to playing with it and boy did I have fun! I love that it is inspired by the look of the 50’s fashion and classic elegance. It When first playing with a card kit I try to see what I can make with the materials provided without reaching into my stash, with the exception of paper of course. I see a lot of people adding stuff from their stash and they make beautiful cards, however my stash isn’t very big as I am rebuilding it. That being said, I think I was able to make some nice cards. A lot of them are similar and with different sentiments but I still had fun and didn’t even use all of the stamps in the set. You really do get a lot of stamps for the cost of the kit, and the dies to match which makes it amazing! I am not a monthly subscriber as it isn’t in my budget, I pay a little extra for it when I do order it  when it is within my budget to do so. Anyway,  I just wanted to share some of the cards I made to celebrate the wonderful Mom’s out there. All of you out there are classic beauties! I love this kit and can’t wait to see what the next one has to offer. Do any of you get the kits? Did you get this one? What do you think?














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