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Snail Mail and Pen Pals

imageHello out there in blog-land. Today I just wanted to share my excitement over pen pals! I love snail mail but never get it unless I order something online. Thanks to a wonderful post by puddleside musing, I have joined postcrossing, a wonderful site where you send postcards to different people around the world. I have always wanted a pen pal but had no idea how to get one. Thanks to her wonderful post, she listed different sites where you can get one. Post crossing is great, but I want to have a real pen pal. Someone I can write to more than one time and get responses. I am currently trying out and I have had conversations with a couple of wonderful ladies. I’m hopeful I can have a friendship with them. But I’d like more. Am I being greedy or over excited? I don’t know. I’ve never done this before but I’m having fun with it. Right now all my conversations are through email and not snail mail yet. I hope that happens soon. I love sending letters. If anyone out there wants to be a pen pal or knows how I can find another one please let me know. I love learning about people and various places, even here in the states. I don’t get out much! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! These lovely postcards are waiting to be sent somewhere. 😁

Enjoy life’s sweet moments!

Rose 🌹


8 thoughts on “Snail Mail and Pen Pals

  1. Happy to hear my post was of help! Hopefully you’ll be able to develop some of your email friendships into snail mail ones soon ^-^ Definitely remember to check out the Postcrossing forums – there’s often people on there looking for pen pals 🙂


      1. No problem ^-^ The Postcrossing forums are a bit weird, they’re part of postcrossing but I think you have to register separately to the forums to be able to post. I think. Been a while since I was there, must get back to checking those forums!

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      2. I’ve noticed that. I’ve had a hard time figuring the forum out on postcrossing so I am walking away from it in frustration for the moment. But I have had a little better luck on the Geek Girl website. Thank you again for your help and suggestions! =D

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  2. I am in Postcrossings too. 🙂 Loving getting the odd card in the mail. Went geeky and bought an album for my cards. Think some folk on there are interested in direct swaps which I guess must mean they’d like to hear from someone more than once?

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    1. Hi Shazza! I think that might be what that means too. I like the idea of hearing from someone more than once and making a pen pal out of them. I don’t have many cards yet as I’m still very new but I’m hopeful. I love receiving them. Thanks!

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