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Turning My Day Around


Hello, today started out terrible! This morning began with me dropping my iPad on my kitchen floor on the way to get my first cup of coffee and completely shattered the screen! then I cut two fingers on it when I tried to pick it up. Oi! What a way to start the day. I then proceeded to develop a migraine. Lovely! Anyway, I set a goal for myself to create or do something productive every day. Needless to say, after this beginning to the day I just wanted to veg in front of the television and catch up on Netflix. I grabbed my coffee and went to turn on the television only to find that it’s broken. Half of the screen was completely black and my hubby was at work so he couldn’t switch T.V.’s for me. (Because we have our iPads, we got rid of all but two T.V.s in the house and the second is in our bedroom but since we moved we also got rid of cable and only have Roku in the family room.) So, no T.V. for me, and since my iPad screen was shattered I could not watch Netflix on there either.

So what to do? I was in no mood to read because I was in a foul mood and chores were out of the question. Like I said, I just wanted to veg and wallow in my frustration at the way my day was going. Eventually I dragged myself into my craft room and sat and stared for a while. I decided to journal about my frustrations and that helped a little and then played with my planner for a bit. Finally I saw some materials I had purchased for a project a while ago and never got to. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the time, I just lost my inspiration for it. Does that ever happen to you? You get inspired to do a project, buy the materials, and then the inspiration fizzles? Happens to me often.

I had no idea how my project would turn out when I purchased the materials, I just had a rough idea about what I wanted to do with them.  Anyway, I started grabbing this and that and then ta-da, I was done. In the end I made three different versions of these magnet boards and before I knew it, I was in the creative zone and 8 hours had passed. My fowl mood had diminished and I had fun. I guess that’s just it. Sometimes you gotta dig in and have fun and turn things around.  I didn’t reach for the materials I had with the least bit of creative inspiration or joy. I just grabbed what I had and went with it. It worked. I feel better. I’m still bummed about my iPad, but in the end, a day that began terribly turned around and now I feel better and I made something I think is pretty and useful. I made 3 magnet boards and think they turned out pretty okay. I’m so happy I was able to turn my day around. That is something I have a hard time doing. Yay for small successes!

Have a good day and enjoy  life’s sweet moments!


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