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Mice Inspiration 

I have been trying to get inspired to create something instead of obsessing over my planner. As I wrote in my last post I went a bit overboard with my online purchases and now have more stamps in my collection. However, the stamps I purchased did not strike up the same inspiration they did when I made my purchase. Does anyone else ever do that? You see something and the creativity starts to flow, but once you get home with it, the ideas are gone? No? Oh. It happens to me ALOT!

My mom’s birthday is next week and I wanted to make her a card. She is a talented artist and potter and I am always nervous when I present her with something I made. She always likes them but I still still get nervous. Anyway, I found these cute mice stamps by Stampendous and decided I’d see what I’d come up with. The result was Thomas little card. I think it came out kinda cute. It’s a lot of white but I’m still learning and every card I make is an experiment. I hope she likes it. What do you think of it? 


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