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My disaster craft room

Hello! Okay,so I have not written since Dec.4,2016! That is a long time,isn’t it? I did end up making a few different Christmas cards but never got to post them here. I did however, manage to post them onto my Facebook page at Sorry about that. I was struck with the holiday blues and a lack of confidence in my creations and didn’t have the umph or drive to post them here as well. Life has been life and every day has gone by in a blur. It seems like i just woke up when it’s already time to go to bed! Most of my day is occupied by homeschooling my daughter and her lessons and doctor appointments. By the time I am done with her lessons, and cleaning up, it is time to pick up my son from school and then its time to make dinner, clean up, get ready for the new day and then its time for bed and then it starts all over again. My daughter seems to be enjoying the new lessons plans she is working on and so am I. We are using the Easy Peasy online lessons and she seems to be responding to these lessons well. She has less meltdowns over her assignments and fights with me less about doing her work. Its saved me a lot of time trying to find lessons for her and trying to figure out what to teach her. I highly recommend it. They even have high school lessons.

Anywho, now that we are getting more familiar with the new program and lessons, I have a little more time on my hands, sometimes anyway. Doctor appointments still dictate a large part of my schedule too. Oh well, onward and upward! At least I am getting some answers finally. Now that I beginning to have a little more time I am starting to reorganize my craft room. It is currently a huge disaster, and I’m not even working on any projects! Yes, I admit, I am a messy crafter. It drives my hubby bonkers! He always cleans up his mess as he goes when working on a project. I try, but it’s still a mess. Here is a kind of photo tour of my craft room..

As you can see, I have my work quite cut out for me. I am working on it slowly but surely. I havent been able to get much creating done because it’s such a mess. Although I am a messy crafter, I can’t work in a messy craft room. Make sense? Sorry, I am a walking contradiction at times! Ok, bye for now!

Enjoy life’s sweet moments!


5 thoughts on “My disaster craft room

    1. Haha! Thanks for the response. My craft room drives me crazy but there are so many other things I’d rather be doing than cleaning my craft room 😜. I have yet to fix it up the way I want it. Have a good day! I love your work! It’s beautiful!


  1. Hi! Honestly, your craft room looks better than mine!! I have covered most of the floor space with stuff as well! The mere thought of tackling it is too daunting. Maybe one day. Until then, I just go rummaging a lot. Sometimes I find good stuff that way!


    1. Hi! I finally cleaned up my floor a bit but still have a disaster. I found lots of great things I totally forgot I had when cleaning up. What a bonus! I tell my hubby I work in organized chaos. Unfortunately I have to clean up my act Bea cause my craft room is now the first room you see when you walk into my house so I have to try to keep it neat. That will definitely be a challenge! Thank you for your response. 😁

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