Hello! Welcome to My Whimsical Fancy! This is a place where my creativity and insanity collide. I am here to share my crafting ideas, share my cooking experiences (should I be be brave enough to cook). Mostly, this blog will be about my daily life experiences and struggles, my homeschooling adventures, my battles with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, being a parent of a child with aspergers and ┬áwhatever else pops into my mind. My hobbies and interests change from day to day depending on my moods. I make cards, knit, sew, bake, try to cook, scrapbook, and whatever else strikes my fancy for the moment and sometimes I have to force myself out of bed and end up spending the day on the couch. I hope you like my blog ands can relate to some aspect of it, that is, if anyone is reading this. If not it’s ok, it’s a good sounding board ­čśü. I also have a facebook group I created for people struggling with mental illness, autism/aspergers, or even wanting to offer encouragement to those in need, or for anyone else who need a sounding board and/or wants to offer words of encouragement to anyone else going through a hard time. Facebook.com/beyondinsanityandautism. I also have a Facebook page titled my Whimsical fancy where I share some more of my creations. Thanks!